general info

We are no longer ticketing our events. Singers get priority entrance, so please consider arriving early. General audience is first-come-first-served after that.

We are located at The 3 Clubs located at 1123 Vine St, Los Angeles, 90038.

Street parking available. Find out more at ParkParkGoose.

Strict 21+.

SONG sign-ups

Our song sign-ups take place online on a first-come-first-served basis. It will open about 1-2 weeks before an event and will close 4 hours before the event.

There are two options for sign-ups: Group and Soloist. They are detailed below.

If you are signed up to sing and are unable to make it, let us know ASAP at

soloist option

If you are signing up as a soloist, you are allowed to submit for up to 10 parts. We have designated parts as LEAD or SUPPORTING. List as many of each as you would like.

You can find the LEAD and SUPPORTING lists here.

List your parts in order of preference.

You will either receive 1 LEAD + 1 SUPPORTING, or 3 SUPPORTING depending on your submission.

1 LEAD + 1 SUPPORTING = Hamilton in "My Shot" and Madison in "Cabinet Battle #2"
3 SUPPORTING = Eliza in "Alexander Hamilton", Peggy in "Schuyler Sisters", and Angelica in "Non-Stop"

In the event we cannot accommodate any of your requests or are only able to partially fill your requests, we will reach out to you.

Groups are for songs with 4+ parts.

If you are signing up as a group, you must have all parts assigned at time of submission.

Groups are given priority over soloists.

group option